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You got the Power! Easily access and integrate with ClassX technologies and solutions. SDKs and documentation is now available for third-party developers, OEMs and Broadcast users.

CGRemote™: remote control for CGPlayout and all ClassX OEM Software.

Audio/Video Automation applications can access the full power of CGPlayout via a simple, robust and complete remote control protocol based on TCP/IP.

SharedFrame by ClassX

  • Access to the SharedFrame™ technology by ClassX and exchange real-time graphical information from/to all ClassX applications.
  • Imagine of being able to use the outputs of LiveBoard and CGPlayout as whiteboard to write on images and animations in real-time calculated by your application. SharedFrame is this and much more.
  • Access to the SharedFrameRenderer™ virtual video driver by ClassX and you'll be able to connect any DirectShow-based application to/from ClassX applications.
  • SharedFrameRenderer by ClassX is a true DirectShow video renderer on which redirect the output of your application. With any application you'll be able to superimpose graphics and video, or use the output of your application to connect to ClassX applications for effects, DVE, etc..
  • Use the SharedFrameFilter™ by ClassX, a true DirectShow filter which can superimpose your application's video output with the graphics and contents generated by ClassX applications. Quickly and easily.

ClassX LBControl - BeanShell

Access to high-level scripting technologies included in LiveBoard through LBControl™ by ClassX.

Imagine of being able to access the contents of LiveBoard through a simple API and hosted by a powerful scripting engine, advanced as the one provided by Java and BeanShell. The applications are endless, with countless possibilities: you can write small snippets of code to automate repetitive tasks or even complete programs for accessing external databases and control the contents of MediaPlugs or even access the API in order to create SharedFrame-based videopaint or interactive graphics applications.

LiveBoard Script

Thanks to the LiveBoard's Script tool, it is possible to create, for example, the scoreboard of a football match inside a dedicated window. This eliminates complicated and boring tasks while making the operator's life a lot easier and less error prone.

All this through a simple but advanced development environment that, combined with BeanShell, allows to write and immediately test and debug your code. Safely and Quickly.


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