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Software Installation Guide

ClassX develops and non-stop improves its software. With the advent of the new Suite 5.0, the update/installation remains an easy and painless operation. Through this guide, you can learn all the tips for dealing the setup without any errors.

Before starting the installation, please verify that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. For more information please visit the following page.

Start the new installation

  • By CD

  • Insert the CD in your CD-Rom drive.

    The installation interface launches automatically (if not, open My Computer, select your CD-ROM drive and double click in the file ClassX_Broadcast_Install.exe or ClassX_OEM_Install.exe)


  • By .ZIP downloaded from the Download Area

  • Start the .zip file using decompression software such as 7zip

    Open the file ClassX_Broadcast_Install.exe or ClassX_OEM_Install.exe and follow the process step by step.



    For detailed information about the installation process follow the guide below.



  • To 5.0 from the previous version (4.x)
  • Proceed to remove the old installation: click on: Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs;
    You should try and remove those applications starting the name of "ClassX";
    Install the new version 5.0 via CD or .ZIP;
    It is good to note that with the new installation, ClassX applications are in C:\ClassX_Applications and not in C:\Program Files. This implies that, if you want to recover the resources used up to now, the following must be manually moved into the new directory of installation

    Installation Process

  • Once you have downloaded the .zip file, choose where do you want decompress it (image below).
  • Wait the decompression process.
  • Open the "CD_Broadcast" folder and follow the video below:


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