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Graphical tools

Attributi grafici: a sinistra la grafica originale, a destra quella elaborata da MoreFXWith MoreFX can develop, transform and beautify your artwork, whether text, images, animations or entire video sequences. Everything happens in real time and at the highest quality, to always have immediate feedback about what you do. One click to apply shadows, borders, textures and lighting effects with a series of professional image processing until recently available only in expensive editing program. In addition, with support for animated textures is even possible avvolgeresorgenti video on any object graph.MoreFX provides an extensive library of predefined styles and graphics and freely editable which, if you wish, add your creations with the click of a mouse.

Accurate 3D graphics engine

Clicca sui testi e guardali in dimensioni realiAlcuni fotogrammi di animazioni create con MoreFXWith MoreFX each has its own life and is free to move in a three-dimensional space. This means you can set rotation, perspective and movement on all axes with the precision of the fraction of pixels, without any perspective distortion. The graphics engine MoreFX fully supports the alpha channel and allows you to apply light sources and ambient reflection to any object.

Integration and compatibility

The high number of graphic formats and video supports in the import and export allow you to calmly deal with any type of production with the security of the utmost compatibility with any editing system, both Windows and MacOS 9.

Digital Effects

MoreFX has an extensive library of customizable effects 2D and 3D particles, applied to any object and able to meet every need. The objects are asynchronous and independentassessment of the effect is instantaneous and accurate, thanks to the tracking mode High Quality.

Gli effetti di MoreFX

Simplicity and productivity to the maximum

Two unique operating environments for the creation and graphics processing objects tothe composition of the timeline for the setting of the effects and the preview. Online helpand wizard of wizards, interface and documentation in Italian: the simplicity of MoreFX isunparalleled.

Integrtion with Adobe® Premiere®

MoreFX can be used alone or as a plugin for Premiere, which integrates seamlessly with to give you the highest quality, comfort and flexibility.

Integrazione Adobe Premiere

Direct support for Matrox RT and RTx

MoreFX works with all editing systems, but if you have a Matrox RT or RTx titles andanimations you can instantly view on your monitor with PAL technology RTView " byClassX. MoreFX With just see what you get.

RTView e il logo di Matrox

Can not wrong with ClassX

MoreFX is NOT a collection of graphic styles, scripts, macros, projects, timelines orpresets for expensive third-party software.

MoreFX is a complete program of titling and animation and requires no additional software to work.


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