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3D titling without compromises

CoralCG is an incredible 3D graphics software, powerful and easy: it integrates the most 3D advanced features like animated textures, multi-lights, model importing, shaders and more. A comfortable user interface allows you to create multi-layered 3D animation just using drag and drop. And obviously, follwing ClassX’s tradition, everything is live: each change is immediately displayed, without the need of any rendering.

Primitives, Objects and 3D models
Build your objects using the primitives as cone, cube, sphere and so on, or get them from the built-in Objects Library, that contains a wide range of ready to use objects.
You can also create your cool and animated objects in 3D design programs and import them. CoralCG supports the most common types, like 3DS, Collada, Ogre, obj and others.

Shaders and dynamic lighting
With CoralCG you can have lighting like never before!
It allows you to enhance your scene using the timeline-based multiple light system that controls ambient color, attenuation an more. You also have built-in GLSL shaders that give you top quality realtime per-pixel lighting, displacement mapping, bump mapping, cartoon shading and a lot more!

Multi Layer Textures engine
An advanced textures engine will manage the look of your 3D models. It lets you use and combine various kinds of texture types: animated from AVI or Mov media, static from image and even LIVE from an input source. It also fully supports alpha channel to create incredible animated effects. CoralCG also contains a comfortable built-in textures library, that you can use for fast model creation. It lets you use a lot of pre-defined textures or add your own, everything using just drag&drop.

3D Advanced 3D text
An easy-to-use user interface allows you to access to a great number of advanced text features: font, extrusion, layout alignment, spacing and a lot more. Connect it to external datasource like XLS, XML or database to change the text content in real time. You can even animate your text through character level accessing.


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