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Dynamic titling software with vectorial engine

CASTALIACG is a graphics and dynamic titling software with vectorial engine of broadcast quality in real time. CASTALIACG integrates an innovative graphic engine with incredible potentialities that represent an absolute innovation in the broadcast titling field. CASTALIACG is able to manage texts, 3D objects, to import images and videos, graphic effects of any kind on wich to apply attributes and movements on a path.

No limits
CASTALIACG manages every single object on a layer that is independent from the others without any limits. So it is possible to obtain in an easy way asynchronous movements and effects in multilayering without any interference.

Easy to use
CASTALIACG will astonish you! An easy and intuitive interface allows to make use of all the potentialities at your disposal without any effort. With extreme semplicity you can create hierarchical animations, move objects along a path, apply and compose effects for the realization of original and successful graphics.
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Vectorial characters
CASTALIACG integrates a grap generator of characters vectorial quality, which impo every True-Type fo CASTALIACG offers all instruments for a complete management: stile, alignme self-format in a predefined layotfilling, background and kern can be personalized with extreme simplicity and effectiveness.
MoreCG: font true-type

Quality: the advantage of vectorial graphics
The qualitative difference between a vectorial object and a bitmap one resides in the graphic quality, and that is very obvious when objects of big dimensions are used, or magnifyings take place. The image speaks by itself: a vectorial object has a much better quality and definition than a bitmap object.


MoreCG: supporto media
CASTALIACG imports static and animated images of any format and AVI, QuickTime, MPEG and Flash format video clips. CASTALIACG can support any number of video tracks at the same time, each one with independent effects and timings.

Supporto SGL™  integrato

DataSource™ integrato
MoreCG: motore grafico 3D

3D Engine
CASTALIACG offers a complete 3D graphic environment where you can create and animate primitive graphics such as spheres, cones, cubes and 3D texts with the complete support of the system fonts. Moreover, CASTALIACG imports 3DS, Alias Wavefront models and allows the personalization of every single surface of them. It Supports animated textures in different formats.

Movements on a path
Every CASTALIACG's object can follow a path. The wide possibilities of personalization allow both to use predefined paths and to manually set new ones. The results are astonishing.

Realistic shadowse
With CASTALIACG the shadow of the objects is real: during the movement of the object the shadow is dynamically projected and it always keeps the set direction.

Dynamic filters in real time
CASTALIACG provides a very powerful graphic engine that allows to apply graphic filters in real time on any object.

Advanced graphics environment
CASTALIACG integrates an inner system of graphic processing that allows to modify and improve the aspect of texts, images and animations, add shadows, borders, smoothings, extrusions, fastly and with an immediate yield of the results. It is not necessary to buy and know how to use complicated graphic softwares: CASTALIACG provides the most used filters and processings in video environment and normally available in painting graphics programs.


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